Cybersecurity: Towards the Strengthening of National Skills

The challenges related to digital security took center stage in discussions during the seminar organized on January 25, 2024, by the General Directorate of Information Systems Security (DGSSI). Three successive panels allowed for a comprehensive review of the progress and challenges facing Morocco in developing key skills to counter cyber threats.

Development of Training Offerings

According to the speakers, several initiatives have already borne fruit. Higher education has enriched its programs and successfully standardized cybersecurity modules. Additionally, a training center has been established at DGSSI. The Digital Development Agency (ADD) and the Professional Training and Employment Promotion Office (OFPPT) also plan new qualifying, short, and long-term training programs in this priority area.

Alignment of Training with Employment

Despite ongoing efforts, the second panel highlighted persistent challenges in terms of aligning curricula with the real needs of the labor market, particularly in future sectors such as digital and artificial intelligence.

Jobs Reference Framework

Speakers advocated for the development of a national job classification framework, similar to the American NICE model, which was presented by three participants from this program. Such a framework would contribute to better identifying key skills, structuring prospective talent management, and promoting alignment between training and employment.

In conclusion, while Morocco has effectively initiated the implementation of its sectoral strategy for skills in the face of cyber threats, a more structured and anticipatory approach seems necessary to address future challenges in its cybersecurity, which is crucial for ensuring digital sovereignty.

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