Development of Skills at the Heart of National Strategies for Digital and Cybersecurity

During a recent seminar organized by the General Directorate of Information System Security (DGSSI), several key figures, including Mr. Saad El Khadiri, Ms. Latifa El Guerroujj, Mr. Mohamed Tahiri, and Ms. Khouloud Abejja, assessed Morocco’s progress in developing national skills in the strategic field of cybersecurity.

Faced with the acceleration of digital transformation, the Kingdom has well understood that cybersecurity represents a crucial challenge for the success of a secure, inclusive, and value-creating digital transition. Aware of its vulnerability, the country is redoubling efforts to strengthen the capabilities of its human resources, a fundamental pillar of its national strategy in this regard.

Several promising initiatives have already been implemented. At the higher education level, training programs have been enriched, and cybersecurity modules have been successfully standardized. A training center has also been established within the DGSSI, and fruitful partnerships have been forged with international institutes.

The Digital Development Agency (ADD) also plays a central role through its ambitious program “Digital Generation.” Its Academia Raqmya platform offers various continuous training paths in cybersecurity, in partnership with Udemy, targeting administrations and businesses.

Furthermore, the ADD actively raises awareness among the general public, notably through its e-Himaya platform dedicated to online child protection, a topic that is particularly close to its heart.

Morocco is fully committed to a virtuous dynamic to acquire the necessary skills to meet the challenges related to cybersecurity, an essential guarantee for digital trust. Concrete results obtained so far demonstrate a strong determination to accelerate in this direction.

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