The Cybersecurity Job Framework as a Structuring Approach

A seminar was organized to delve into the importance of establishing a national framework for cybersecurity professions, attended by Mr. Mohammed EL MAATAOUI, Mrs. Emily ECKLUND, Mr. Omar BENAICHA, Prof. Ilham BERRADA, and Mrs. Sarah SCHOLL.

The speakers emphasized the value of frameworks, such as the American NICE Framework, which categorizes professions into various specialties. These frameworks facilitate the precise identification of skills required for each role and structure talent management, be it for recruitment, training, certification, or mobility. The ISG model was also introduced, organizing the professional life cycle around the phases of planning, selection, development, and motivation.

Individual certification according to the ISO/IEC 17024 standard was discussed, evaluating certifying bodies based on their management systems and certification processes. The establishment of a Moroccan framework for cybersecurity professions would play a crucial role in structuring the training offerings, aligning university programs with the actual needs of the job market. This would promote harmony between the developed skills and available jobs, thus simplifying recruitment and professional mobility processes.

The definition of this framework would contribute to a forward-looking talent management capable of anticipating future developments. Training stakeholders would be better prepared to shape the workforce of tomorrow and respond proactively to the growing challenges of digital security.

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