First Edition of the Morocco Gaming Expo in Rabat

Electronic games have become a significant means of development, investment attraction, and tourism and cultural marketing. No longer just entertainment, electronic games are now tools for learning and earning, prompting governments to allocate budgets to support this sector.

The Moroccan Ministry of Tourism has allocated a budget of 7 billion dirhams for electronic game technology, highlighting the sector’s importance in economic development. The electronic gaming industry in Morocco has generated transactions exceeding 3 billion dirhams, achieving substantial profits, outpacing many freelance and public sector professions. This industry continues to experience significant global growth.

This period presents an opportunity for Morocco to boost tourism and cultural development, provided companies guide youth towards producing meaningful and economically viable games, steering clear of trivial content.

The first edition of Morocco Gaming Expo was held in Rabat from May 24 to 26, 2024, organized by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication. This event aimed to promote the electronic games industry in Morocco and inspire youth creativity in this field. The opening ceremony was attended by Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, underscoring the government’s support for this sector.

The expo featured a creativity and innovation competition where young participants showcased their skills in developing drones and advanced technologies. These activities provided a platform for youthful innovations in the electronic gaming industry, contributing to the development of local talents.

Taoufik Aboudia, CEO at Emerging Business Factory in digital gaming, mentioned that Morocco is moving towards investing in animation and digital gaming industries. He explained that this initiative is part of a vision to enhance these industries. The Moroccan government, represented by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Communication, aims to develop a roadmap to support digital creativity, including financial and technical support for startups and young talents.

Taoufik emphasized that Morocco seeks to attract global companies to work in digital game production and animation, enabling local companies to learn and collaborate with major international firms. Through this approach, Morocco hopes to become one of the largest exporters of digital products, enhancing its position in the global market and achieving sustainable development in this sector.

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