Sustainable EcoTourism Partnership :”a Morocco-Canadian social & solidarity initiative”.

On Saturday, June 15, 2024, in Casablanca, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the CEO of the Canadian Social Impact Agency “GDLY.CA Inc.” for sustainable ecotourism strategies and inclusive cooperative training, Ms. Kim, and the President of the PAASCOOP.MA Cooperative specializing in tourism technology, Mr. Houssine Saf.

This agreement includes several key areas of exclusive cooperation between the two parties, the most important of which are:

  • Launching joint ecotourism projects with local cooperatives in the Fes-Meknes-Taza region, starting with the Mountain and Environmental Tourism Cooperative Rand Coop in the Taza area. This experience will be extended to other regions of the kingdom upon its success.

This initiative relies on highlighting the human values of the tourism sector and the added value of cultural heritage and traditional crafts, and their role in achieving economic solidarity inclusion and environmental respect.

  • Implementing a plan based on supporting training and strengthening the skills of leadership and management in the cooperatives of the region, raising awareness of the essential role of sustainable and cultural tourism.
  • Adhering to an environmental approach and using it as a guaranteed mechanism to achieve tourist satisfaction and their active participation and direct experience of various aspects of the cultural heritage of residents in different rural, mountainous, and urban areas.

The EcoTourism, has become increasingly in demand as a tourist offering with an innovative approach in global tourism circles.

The Canadian “GDLY.CA” Agency will be onboard for supervision the preparation of global tourism strategy including Canada, U.S., Korea, and African countries, which institutionalized for the first time this approach towards humanizing tourism and its uses based on human, environmental, and sustainability dimensions. This came after many years of a prevailing commercial and folkloric profit-driven approach that was unstructured.

This MOU is considered an important solidarity step towards structuring this new global tourism approach in the Kingdom of Morocco, with an innovative initiative from actors in the solidarity economy led by a Moroccan cooperative named, which won the United Nations Digital Media PRIZE last month.

  • World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prizes 2024 Champion.

Based on this important partnership, and at the conclusion of this signing of the memorandum of understanding, Mr. Houssine Saf, President of the PAASCOOP.MA Cooperative, stated that coordination with the relevant authorities in the Moroccan tourism sector will be undertaken to implement the unprecedented provisions of this agreement and ensure its success on the ground, in partnership between the public and private sectors in cooperation with the National Tourism Federation, the National Tourist Office, the Moroccan Tourism Engineering Company, and the Ministry of Tourism.

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